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Hire your winter equipment at Head Ski Rent in Tahko. From our selection, you can find equipment for all levels of skiers, starting from absolute beginners.

Head Ski Rent is much more than just a shop to hire skiing equipment. We also have our Sport Shop, maintenance service and Head Racing Center.

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Skis, alpine skis, ski boots, cross-country skis, bicycles (now including electric bikes), snowshoes, sledges and all other equipment for your active holiday.

Good equipment makes it a pleasure to ski and snowboard in Tahko’s beautiful scenery. Our trained professionals will take care of the rental equipment, so you’ll always be ready for the conditions of the slopes.

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Let our professionals choose the right equipment for you, while you focus on enjoying skiing!

About Tahko and the Tahkovuori area

Tahko Tourist Center is also known as Tahkomäki and Tahkovuori. The ski and holiday resort Tahko offers unforgettable experiences on and off the slopes and in the after ski, from it’s location about 56 kilometers northeast of Nilsie in Kuopio.

The history goes a long way, as Tahko was opened in the 1960s. Tahkovuori's first hotel, Hotel Tahkovuori, was completed in 1971 and still serves as the very heart of the ski resort.

Slopes and routes in Tahko:

  • 24 slopes
  • 15 lifts
  • 17 km to be calculated
  • 70 km of ski trails
  • 600 km of snowmobile trails

Tahko's experiences:

  • Ice Karting
  • Snowmobiling
  • ATV and reindeer safari
  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Cycling
  • Riding

Entertainment and Food:

  • 16 dining restaurants
  • 6 slope restaurants
  • 6 After Ski nightclubs and pubs


6.1.2019 - 10.2.2019
Mon to Sat
09.00 - 19.00

Tahkolaaksontie 5 B
73310 Tahkovuori
+358 40 450 3399

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